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Awarding Winning Artistic Cupolas of Zack's Workshoppe are unique in so many ways...

Each Cupola is hand made from trees grown in Michigan- no 2 are alike. Each Design is different in size, detail,trim,copper roofs,fabrication and even installation.
We design each Cupola the old fashion way-one at a time.Each copper roof is hand hammer, each piece of crown is hand made, each copper weathervane is carefully fitted to that indiviual cupola.
Imagine arriving home late in the evening, it may be snowing, or the fog has just surronded your home, it may be wet and cold outside....
As you drive up to your home their is Your Cupola with the lantern lit in the night saying..."Welcome Home."

We have designed many Artistic Cupolas. A few of those we will share with you on the following pages are:
The Barharbor,The Shorian, The Z Banner,The GPClassic,The Stately,The White Lady, Michigan Logger,Painted Lady,Bradford,Circle Top,Colonial,Stable Cupola......
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to view each cupola)
1) Barharbor
2) Shorian
3) 'Z' Banner
4) G.P. Classic
G.P. Classic p#2
5) Stately
6) White Lady
7) Michigan Logger
8) Painted Lady
9) Bradford
10) Circle Top
11) Colonial
12) Unique Designs
13) Stable Cupolas
14) Residences Cupolas