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Award Winning-'Artistic'Cupolas
The 'Nantucket Belle'

Welcome to "Standard Line Cupolas by Zack's Workshoppe"
Most of our Cupolas are Octagonal / some Hexagonal but this line of Cupola is Square.
Our Unique Wood or Vinyl Windows are design for these Cupolas.

Each Roof is made of Copper and made be in a copper bell dome, copper pagoda or a straight standing seam roof all custom made and fitted. They may include copper weathervanes.
The Standard Line Cupolas can adorned many different styles of homes from small ranches to Estates. If a client does not want an Octagonal Cupola for their Horse Stables we may then design a Square Cupola. The Nantucket Belle Cupolas come in many sizes and designs and our adorning many homes from Boston to California, From Canada to the Grand Bahama Islands.....all have lantern that lite your way home.
Welcome to Zack's Workshoppe