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Yankee Lake, New York
Lexington, Michigan
'Copper Weathervanes'
(click on a name to view weathervanes)
1) Heron
2) Landing Duck-Copper Turret Cap
3) Humming Bird
4) The Horse
5) Eagle-Copper Turret
6) Elk
7) Moose
8) Country Doctor
9) 3 Geese in Flight

19) The Plane
20) Golfer
21) Fireman
22) Locomotive
Roof Mount
24) Antique Bike * limited edition
25) Antique Car * limited edition
26) Flying Pig

10) Buddy the Dog
11) Mr Pig
12) Rooster 'Who' Crows
13) Rooster
14) Sun & Moon-Copper Turret
15)Shelly the Mermaid
16) John 'B' Sloop
17) Victorian Arrow
18) Sailboat

Copper Weathervanes have always been a

trade mark of Zack's Workshoppe.
We have always love the look of copper and when exhibiting at many Art Shows over the years there are many people who share are feelings.
Our copper weather vanes are available in 3 different finishes, natural, high polish and patina. Our patina solution is our a secret formula that we have developed for well over 30 years.
Please enjoy thumbing through our pages of Copper Herons, flying ducks, our beloved Shelly the Mermaid,Sailboats and many more. These are just a few the Copper Weather vanes we provide.....
Welcome to Zack's Workshoppe